I'm here to shed a light on just how cool people from the Midwest are. Don't take our kindness (or love of cheese) as a sign of weakness – we're smart, we're creative, and we're doing interesting things. To us, these aren't flyover states; we live and thrive here.


My name is Sammy Walsh, and My Midwest Is Showing is my journey of becoming part of Midwestern culture again. I grew up in Wisconsin, but moved to New York City after college. I absolutely loved the city, but never felt like I totally belonged. Whether I was walking to the subway with tinfoil covered baked goods, asking for brats at the grocery store, or not batting an eye when a little snow fell, I always found myself thinking, "My Midwest is showing..." 

I recently moved back to Wisconsin, and I feel like I'm completely rediscovering the Midwest with fresh eyes. To help me become acclimated to the area again, I was in search of a website that showcased really cool Midwestern people doing really cool things, but I couldn't find one, so I decided to create one. 

Here's the concept of My Midwest Is Showing: I'm reconnecting with people I knew from forever ago and chatting with people I've recently met who are doing interesting things. Then, in true Midwestern form, they are introducing me to their amazing friends, who are introducing me to their amazing friends, and so on. 

I have a few goals: 1. create a fun website that people like to check out; 2. create a community of people who can support one another; 3. celebrate smart and creative people with serious Midwestern charm.

Thanks for joining me on this trek through Wisconsin and the Midwest! I hope you enjoy meeting all of these people just as much as I do.