On My Radar

The people of the Midwest never cease to amaze me. Instead of showcasing just one cool Midwesterner this week, I decided to focus on other websites/Instagram accounts I'm obsessed with. Check out some killer Midwestern content: 


Jenni Radosevich is the interior designer and DIY'er behind I SPY DIY – she's located right here in Milwaukee. I love following her on Instagram because she has the best decor inspiration, and it's so fun to watch her stories – she's always shopping locally and bringing her vision to life right before our social media eyes.


I just discovered this account last week, and I am obsessed with the concept. Katrina writes letters containing inspirational quotes and cute designs and stashes them all over Milwaukee for anyone to find. Would it not make your entire day to find a secret note when you least expected it?


Cecilia is the self-proclaimed "best of the Midwest," and her Instagram is what dreams are made of. Follow her for some serious style inspiration.


Maggie is my co-worker, and I just discovered a series she runs on Instagram called "Overheard in MKE." She puts random, funny things she overhears in Milwaukee to calligraphy, and the result is pure genius. Follow her to catch the series.


Emily's Instagram account is so great because it's how Instagram looked before we all got carried away with self-promotion (but ten times cooler). Just like her bio says, her IG shows the things she likes, and the things she likes just happen to be super inspirational.

Be sure to let me know who your favorite Midwesterners to follow are – leave a comment below!