Why I'm Thankful for the Midwest

Happy Thanksgiving! There are so many reasons I'm thankful this year, and a bunch are Midwest-related, of course. I thought I would take this week to share ten reasons that just graze the surface of why the Midwest is a place to be thankful for (not mentioned below: my mom's baking, bubblers, frozen custard, a zillion other things...). 

1. We're unapologetic in our love of cheese and corn.

2. You're never too old to enjoy a popsicle in the backyard.

3. Family is everything (including the furry members).

4. There's plenty of counter space to bake cookies or make fresh lemonade.

5. We're not afraid to deep fry anything.

These are deep fried cream cheese-stuffed green olives.

These are deep fried cream cheese-stuffed green olives.

6. We appreciate just how cute a cow can be.

7. We're not afraid of a little snow – in fact, we embrace it.

8. We never take nice weather for granted.

9. Culver's.

10. Target is clean and quiet and heavenly.

Why are you thankful for the Midwest? Comment below or share on social with the hashtag #MyMidwestIsShowing!