House Tour – Must-Haves

My husband and I have almost been in our house for a year now, so I thought I would take this week to give a little tour. One of my favorite parts of running My Midwest Is Showing is going to meet the people I interview and seeing their spaces – I'm pretty nosy. I thought it was only fair that I let all of you look around my space too. 

It was an honor giving all of you a tour of my living room, bedrooms, kitchen & bathroom, and basement this week. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! To wrap things up, I'm giving a breakdown of my household must-haves. Check them out!

Living Room:

Almost as cool as my childhood rock collection, plus these coasters look cute even when scattered about the living room.

I love a great coffee table book, and this is one of my favorites.

My go-to scent.

Steve and I love our Roku TV more than life itself. We don't have cable anymore, so this is the perfect TV for us.


Throw away every spoon or stirring utensil in your kitchen right now, and get these. You will thank me.


I keep this tea kettle on top of my oven at all times. It's so cool and charming, and the little cover on the spout says, "Whistle while you work."

We got this toaster for Christmas this past year, and it has revolutionized my life. It makes the best toast in the world, and I always leave it on display on the countertop because it's so cute.

This pitcher is so nice to have in the summer. We fill the middle with lemons. It couldn't be easier, and it feels very fancy and refreshing.


This stays on my vanity in my bedroom. It perfectly organizes all of my makeup, and the best part is that it spins.

Steve and I cannot be the only ones who are always in need of more phone cables. These rose gold ones are always good to have on hand. We each keep one hooked up on our sides of the bed so we can charge our phones at night.

I didn't know a person could love a printer as much as I love this one. I keep it in our extra bedroom. It's very simple, always works, and I love how chic and streamlined it looks.


One of the first things I did when we moved into our house was replace every single brass doorknob with one of these glass ones. It instantly elevated the look of the entire house.

This smells like lavendar, and candy, and everything good in the world. Steve has threatened to bathe in it.