Claire Hornacek, Moda Magazine

During my time at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Mia Hanekamp founded Moda Magazine, the school's first and only life and style publication. I remember going to the very first UW Fashion Week and covering the event for CollegeFashionista. It was so exciting to be a part of it back then, so I was thrilled to have been invited to the Finale Fashion Show and return as an alum. The talent of these college students is amazing, and it's cool to witness a project that they're so passionate about.

Each day this week, I'm featuring a different member of the Moda Magazine staff and recapping the fashion show. Today I'm chatting with Claire Hornacek, the Deputy Editor of Moda. She's a senior majoring in Journalism and Communication Arts with certificates in digital studies and sustainability.

Check out my Q&A with Claire to find out more about her and Moda Magazine:

My Midwest Is Showing: What is your role at Moda Magazine, and what does it entail?

Claire Hornacek: As deputy editor, my primary job is supporting the Editor in Chief, Meg. In addition to copy editing all the content in each monthly and print issue, I take care of any tasks Meg and the editorial staff need help with. This could be anything from reaching out to advertisers to brainstorming cover ideas to chatting with writers one-on-one about an article idea. These tasks require strong writing and editing skills as well as the ability to my manage time so I don’t end up committing to helping with something I won’t be able to follow through on.


MMWIS: What was your role in UW Fashion Week?

CH: My role in fashion week was focused on our Cocktails & Couture event. I matched up designers with models for the fashion show, which featured all student designers and models. As questions arose, I acted as a liaison between the Moda staff and the designers and models, answering any questions that came up. The night of the show I helped make sure the show ran smoothly, making sure the models and designers knew the runway route were ready to go!


MMWIS: What's your dream job?

CH: I’m still trying to figure that out! I love working with Moda because I get to work creatively and collaboratively with an amazing group of people. This is something I’m looking for in a job. I know I’ll probably end up doing something that involves a lot of writing, preferably at a company with a strong social or environmental justice focus.

MMWIS: What's your hometown?

CH: I grew up in Madison, Wisconsin.

MMWIS: Why did you choose to go to UW-Madison?

CH: When looking for a school, I wanted top-notch academic opportunities as well as that “typical” college experience, like fun sporting events and a bustling college town. Luckily, I didn’t need to look too far!


MMWIS: Favorite thing about the Midwest?

CH: I love the seasons, especially the fall and winter (although by March, I admit, the snow gets a little old). There’s nothing more beautiful than when the leaves begin to change or that first snowfall.

MMWIS: How does your Midwest show through your personality and/or what you do?

CH: I think my Midwest shows through when I meet new people. I always try to find a connection to them somehow, whether I have a friend who shares their major or the fact that I know where their hometown is, even if I’m only meeting them in passing and will probably never see them again. It’s that “Midwestern nice!”

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