Reilly Koch, Moda Magazine

During my time at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Mia Hanekamp founded Moda Magazine, the school's first and only life and style publication. I remember going to the very first UW Fashion Week and covering the event for CollegeFashionista. It was so exciting to be a part of it back then, so I was thrilled to have been invited to the Finale Fashion Show and return as an alum. The talent of these college students is amazing, and it's cool to witness a project that they're so passionate about.

Each day this week, I'm featuring a different member of the Moda Magazine staff and recapping the fashion show. Today I'm chatting with Reilly Koch, Co-Creative Director of Moda. She's a sophomore majoring in Marketing with a certificate in Graphic Design.

Check out my Q&A with Reilly to find out more about her and Moda Magazine:


My Midwest Is Showing: What is your role at Moda Magazine, and what does it entail?

Reilly Koch: I am the Co-Creative Director alongside Kelsey Daykin. In this role, we are responsible for producing and directing the major creative editorial spreads for Moda. This breaks down into a minimum of one spread per monthly issue and one spread per print issue. We are also responsible for producing and directing the UW Fashion Week Finale Fashion Show during UW Fashion Week.


MMWIS: What was your role in UW Fashion Week? 

RK: This question is a bit of a doozy! Since Kelsey and I are responsible for the production and direction of the UW Fashion Week Finale Fashion Show, we have a lot on our plate! Below are just some of the roles and duties that we fill:

  • Hire a model coordinator
  • Hold casting calls and book models
  • Work with around 15+ local boutiques, retailers, designers, and student designers (around 5-8 looks each)
  • Book hair and makeup
  • Invite VIPs (influencers, style bloggers, journalists, Moda fam, WUD fam, etc.) and coordinate VIP goodie bags with local retailers and boutiques
  • Book a DJ
  • Coordinate room setup, lighting, decorations, sound etc. with Union South staff
  • Hire backstage help (model dressers, ushers, etc.)
  • Confirm the space for next year’s show

MMWIS: What's your dream job?

RK: I'd love to one day work in a creative capacity at a high fashion magazine like Vogue or represent a high fashion brand and their imagery.

MMWIS: What's your hometown?

RK: Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin.

MMWIS: Why did you choose to go to UW-Madison?

RK: I chose UW-Madison for a variety of reasons, but my two tours on campus solidified my answer. During each of my tours, the weather was atrocious – the first time it was about -20 degrees and the second time around it was pouring. Even with the conditions being less-than-cooperative, I still fell in love with this campus, and I have absolutely no regrets!


MMWIS: Favorite thing about the Midwest?

RK: The people! As cliche as that is, I really do appreciate the hometown feel that you get anywhere you go in the Midwest - it's almost as if you are never leaving your true home, even if it's miles away from your birthplace.

MMWIS: How does your Midwest show through your personality and/or what you do?

RK: My Midwest shows through how I conduct myself. Some say that you need to be cut-throat to be able to handle the fashion industry, but I believe that if you stay true to your core values, respect all of those around you, be nice but stand firm, you will be just as successful and you will make more genuine connections.

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